Pipe Liner Toronto Is Enjoying Brisk Business

commercial pipe liner plumbing in toronto

Just a few years ago almost nobody was aware that epoxy can be used to line and repair pipe sections.  Because of the advances in its formulations, however, epoxy has been used for many more applications including that of pipe repair.  But not all types of epoxies can be used.  The epoxies used in water pipe repairs have to pass engineering and food safety standards.  The people who install pipe liner Toronto have had special training in epoxy application.

Using pipe liners to repair damaged sections of home plumbing is a relatively new technique, but one which is enjoying a rise in popularity.  This has given plumbing companies a new source of business, though one cannot say the same for pipe manufacturers.

Many of the people who have been enticed to try pipe liner Toronto did so because of significant cost savings in comparison with pipe replacement.  Pipe repairs using pipe liners are claimed to cost just half of an equivalent pipe replacement.  The savings stem mainly from the elimination of the need to excavate to physically replace old pipe.  Thus the technology is touted as non-invasive and trenchless.

With the savings in cost also comes a major reduction in repair time.  The non-invasive and trenchless features of repair by using pipe liners means you only need time for actual repair; there is very minimal removal and reinstallation of interferences.  The technique only needs one access point which is usually a pipe fitting upstream of the pipe to be repaired.  An added bonus for homeowners is the relatively clean operation; while mess is not completely eliminated, it is greatly reduced.

The much shorter repair window is significant especially when dealing with plumbing that is shared by many home units, such as those in a condo setting.  Any repairs on such shared piping systems impact water supply to numerous homes.  What is more, it takes a long time to drain the system prior to repairs, thus further prolonging the interruption to the water supply to homes housing numerous families.

New repair technologies really provide huge savings when applied to commercial plumbing Toronto.  Commercial plumbing are those which are installed in commercial establishments like restaurants, malls, schools, gas stations, office buildings and other commercial property.  Different types of commercial properties require different plumbing, all of them more than the average home plumbing.  Since plumbing installations on commercial establishments are extensive, as they are in office buildings and malls, cutting the cost of pipe repairs in roughly half can be huge.  Add to that the fact that commercial properties can ill afford downtime, and you have a winner in pipe liner repair technology.

Plumbers Toronto area have been enjoying brisk business since adopting pipe liner repair techniques.  Plumbing trade organizations such as the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating already have numerous members who have embraced pipe liner repair techniques to their great advantage.  As for homeowners and business owners, they are also happy with results that cost them a fraction of pipe replacement.