Etobicoke Plumbers On Dealing With Clogs

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Etobicoke plumbers often get calls to deal with some type of clog in people’s homes. In some cases the problems they are asked to handle are well within the capabilities of the average homeowner to address. There are far too many instances when the best Etobicoke plumbers that residents ask for help take just a few minutes to deal with plumbing blockages; and that is a waste of good money because plumber services do not come cheap.

You can’t really blame most homeowners for wanting to call the plumber right away when their plumbing drain slowly; there are many parts of their homes, many appliances and furniture which can easily be damaged by drain water. In many instances being observant allow you to detect partial clogs and deal with them before they worsen to an extent where you will need the help of professional plumbers.

In shower and bathtub drains, for example, partial blocks would cause water to rise to the level of your ankles as you bathe. You will find that water drains so slowly that sometimes the tub or shower floor will still be wet even if it has not been used for some time. Etobicoke plumbers say that gurgling noises and an unpleasant odor coming from the drains also announce the beginnings of a drain blockage problem.

When faced with partial shower or tub drain blockage, most of the time it will just be caused by minor accumulations of soap, scum and hair. It does not take much effort to remove the drain strainer, fish out the debris using a bent coat hanger, and replace the strainer. If that does not help, then you can try using a rubber plunger. Work the plunger up and down 6 to 10 times in succession; repeat several times until water flows freely.

If those efforts still prove unsuccessful, the problem is probably too serious for you to handle on your own. The drain pipes underground may have collapsed, or a tree root may have worked its way inside your pipe. In either case only professional plumbers will have the tools and equipment needed to clear the blocks and replace damaged sections of pipe. Really good plumbing contractors may even offer trenchless repair options which are less intrusive and more affordable.

One of the worst types of clogs is that of the toilet. If sewage overflows the toilet bowl it is already more than just a plumbing problem; it is also a smelly health hazard. Before toilets clog, you will experience slow draining and long gurgling sounds whenever you flush. You can address this the same way you would a blocked toilet – with a gallon of hot water, a cup of powder detergent, and a rubber plunger. Let the toilet soak in the soap solution for a minimum of ten minutes, then work the plunger up and down 10 to 20 times each time. Do this for about ten minutes; 4 of 5 times this will clear the block. If not, you need to call your friendly Etobicoke plumber.

Calling organizations like the Plumber’s Residential Council Ontario for assistance in finding good plumbers often proves helpful.